Proven Healthcare Consulting

Carmen Group specializes in creating strategies to guide clients through complex regulatory, reimbursement, and financing matrices and accomplish goals in the healthcare market. Our health policy experts apply Carmen Group’s proven process, increasing our success ratio and creating value for our clients. In 30 years of healthcare lobbying experience, we have achieved significant histories of regulatory, reimbursement, and appropriations success.

Carmen Group works closely with our healthcare clients, combining innovative approaches to goals with a thorough understanding of government programs, policies, and processes. We are dedicated to finding solutions for leaders on the cutting edge of the healthcare marketplace, and for those who simply want to provide quality healthcare.


William Signer
Executive Managing Director

Record of Success

  • Large Urban and Rural Health Systems
  • Large Urban Hospital Associations
  • University-Affiliated Teaching Hospitals
  • Large Urban Hospitals
  • Freestanding Children’s Hospitals
  • National Network of Providers to Underserved
  • Medicaid Coalitions
  • BioTech Companies

Special Expertise

  • Medicaid and Medicare Legislation
  • Healthcare Tax Issues
  • Health Program Appropriations
  • Employer Benefit Law (ERISA)
  • Not-for-Profit Medicare Advantage
  • Health Regulatory Processes
  • Competitive Grant Strategies