Building our Culture of Accomplishment

Carmen Group’s culture of accomplishment is the product of over three decades of commitment to achieving superior client value. Our ability to produce substantive, strategically articulated, measurable and accountable results is unique among Washington, D.C. consulting firms. We respect and seek proof. We publish client results regularly on our website. We objectively evaluate client success versus category competitors and the differential value we add compared to other consulting businesses.

We are not just about results, but about superior results achieved through the disciplined application of best practices measured against specific benchmarks and milestones over the long haul.
– David Carmen


1985: Carmen Group is founded with one employee

1994: Carmen Group acquires and integrates LMRC, a 30-year old lobbying firm with premiere infrastructure expertise including direct involvement with the planning, funding and build-out of the nation’s transportation, water resources and energy systems

2000: Carmen Group is recognized as a top 10 privately held lobbying firm

2005: Carmen Group breaks into the top-20 of all lobbying firms

2005: Carmen Group provides pro bono office space and services for the Bush-Clinton Katrina fund

2007: Carmen Group codifies consultative service capabilities with its strategic Client Stewardship approach

2009: Carmen Group, in conjunction with the National Council of Negro Women, welcomes the new administration with an inaugural celebration honoring president Barack Obama.

2012: Carmen Group releases its custom congressional directory app Congress112

2013: Carmen Group West launches in Los Angeles

2016: Carmen Group secures new, hi-tech office space at 901 F Street, Suite 600

Today, Carmen Group is the leading government affairs consulting firm, with the best overall business approach serving a long-standing, bi-partisan client base. Our deep knowledge of overlapping sectors and our ability to bring complex constituencies into a coherent, productive process fills many needs in the global economy.

Carmen Group’s corporate culture embraces shared values and ideals. We believe in challenging the status quo, continually elevating our performance, intensifying support behind worthy missions, stretching our limits and achieving proven results.