Carmen Group has been recognized as one of Washington’s leading independent lobbying firms for over three decades. While the firm has broadened its offering to up and downstream consulting services, personal lobbying in the Senate, the House of Representatives, the White House and across the federal agencies has always been the bedrock from which the firm builds. Carmen Group is substance based and bipartisan. With a reputation for substantive expertise and a proven record of accomplishment, Carmen Group bridges all aspects of the federal government and offers actionable insight to deliver projects to success.

Carmen Group was founded in 1985 as the first lobbying firm devoted to the use of deep, substantive subject expertise as the way to achieve major victories on behalf of our clients, a sharp contrast the more haphazard and unsavory relationship method of the time. Today Carmen Group is a leader in the government consulting and lobbying fields worldwide and has created billions of dollars in value for our clients.

Among our clients past and present are some of the most prestigious for-profit, non-profit and governmental institutions in the world. We have represented 30 of the nation’s 50 states on critical matters; the nation’s three largest cities; some of the nation’s most respected universities and hospitals; the nation’s largest airlines; the country’s largest commuter rail; the largest private sector user of the United States Post Office; some of the nation’s largest banks. Our clients are key threads in the fabric of America, which is why Congress and the Executive Branch open their doors to us to help shape and input on key policy matters–including the provision of testimony, draft legislative language, regulatory comments, suggestions on key appointments and directives.

We have been a major legislative and regulatory innovator responsible for creative solutions to major policy challenges as diverse as the response to devastation at New York’s Ground Zero; the cleanup and rebuilding of New Orleans educational institutions after Hurricane Katrina; the plan for Emergency Rooms ready for large scale “surge” events such as the casualties of a biological, chemical or nuclear attack; the largest foreign investment in the United States during the Obama administration. These federal initiatives alone have resulted in more than $1.4 billion dollars in federal assistance to our clients. The Managing Associates of the firm have worked closely with virtually every standing Committee of Congress and the Speaker and Leader’s offices of every United States Congress since 1967 (in 1994, Carmen Group purchased Linton, Mields, Riesler, Cottone, a lobbying firm founded in 1967).

The firm works closely with the White House offices involved in decisions for our clients and, most importantly, with the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) where many of any Administration’s most important decisions are made. Some of our biggest victories have come from recognizing the power of the budget cycle and getting ahead of that curve to assure our client’s priorities are addressed in the budget process—which begins far earlier and is far more sophisticated than many recognize. This work extends beyond OMB, deep into the professional staff of the government’s departments and, of course, to the political appointees that supervise them.

Carmen Group has lobbied effectively on behalf of our clients with 9 Presidential Administrations, 5 of them Republican and 4 of them Democrat. We have successfully represented interests as ideologically disparate as the National Rifle Association and the Black Caucus. We recently opened the Carmen Group West lobbying firm to maintain a critical presence at heart of the convergence of content and transmission and stay on the pulse of the country’s continuing transformation to digital operations. We have lobbied for numerous clients at the Department of Defense and are intimately involved with Cyber Security issues.

What all this work has in common is recognition for our deep, substantive expertise and creativity in solving tough problems with solutions that make sense, are good for the nation and the taxpayer, and that can achieve the support of key movers in Congress and the Executive Branch. This approach has put us in the room again and again on both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue for 45 years.


John H. Ladd
Executive Managing Director