Mergers & Acquisitions

Carmen Group helps corporations create merger and acquisition strategies that optimize success and minimize risk. We have particular expertise in industries that are federally regulated or have local political acceptance issues. We conduct feasibility studies, identify tactics for overcoming roadblocks and integrate communications across all stakeholders. We work seamlessly with other team members and work past the actual transaction to build the most positive environment for business success. Increased activity is expected, due to factors including favorable credit markets, historically low interest rates, strong stock market performance, healthy corporate cash to debt ratios and improved CEO confidence. These deals face near term win or lose outcomes, with stiff penalties for failure. To succeed, deals ultimately must pass muster with the government.

Government agencies and Congress have become acutely involved in the mergers and acquisitions process. They subject transactions to deep scrutiny regarding impacts on anti-trust compliance, national security, foreign policy and international trade agreements. They must find the deal to be in the “public interest,” which is a relative and contextual concept that strongly references the current environment. Additionally, complex post Dodd-Frank compliance issues require careful management of public information and effects on stock price.

Companies pursuing a deal must manage two very different press environments in Wall Street and Washington, DC. The financial audience demands increased profit and shareholder value, while federal stakeholders are concerned with competitiveness and broader benefits to citizens and the economy. A company must strategically balance its message to avoid negative impacts on current business as the deal stage progresses from confidential to announced to approved to operational.

Carmen Group helps clients assess the federal environment for the M&A transaction and create a campaign that will underline benefits and minimize questions. We build support with relevant congressional committees, key Members of Congress and involved federal agencies. We identify key third party constituencies, including natural allies and opponents. We develop an intelligence network designed to create real-time situational awareness regarding competitive activities. We create templates that anticipate the need for further approvals at the state level and ensure that the necessary tools are in place for a smooth process. We work seamlessly with the nation’s leading investment banks, law firms and public relations agencies to deliver sensitive, effective campaigns.

Carmen Group stewards transactions with tiered strategies that are optimized for each regulatory audience. We have substantive experience before the Federal Communications Commission, where we managed the process for the largest transaction approved during the Obama Administration.


John H. Ladd
Executive Managing Director

Record of Success

  • High-Technology
  • Telecommunications
  • Healthcare
  • Higher Education
  • Energy
  • Infrastructure

Special Expertise

  • White House
  • Congress
  • Department of Justice
  • Federal Communications Commission
  • Department of the Treasury (CFIUS)
  • Securities and Exchange Commission
  • Department of Defense
  • Department of Homeland Security
  • International Trade Commission
  • Federal Trade Commission
  • Special Interest and Regional Coalitions